Le séminaire a lieu les mardis de 10:45–11:45 en salle de séminaires IRMA. La fréquence est variable. Les exposés commencent à 10:45, durent 60 minutes et sont suivies de questions.

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Le 04-04-2023 à 10:45:00 dans la Salle de séminaires IRMA
Dina Finger (UNIL)

Blockchain mining in pools: Analyzing the trade-off between profitability and ruin

The resource-consuming mining of blocks on a blockchain equipped with a proof of work consensus protocol bears the risk of ruin, namely when the operational costs for the mining exceed the received rewards. In this talk, we will introduce main concepts of a blockchain and its application to cryptocurrencies. Further, we will present a classical surplus process model in insurance and explain the main concepts of ruin theory. Finally, we will discuss to what extent it is of interest to join a mining pool that reduces the variance of the return of a miner for a specified cost for participation. Using insights and techniques from ruin theory and risk sharing in insurance, we quantitatively study the effects of pooling in this context and derive several explicit formulas for quantities of interest. The results will be illustrated in numerical examples for parameters of practical relevance.

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