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Dernières publications déposées dans HAL

Seules les dernières publications déposées sur l’archive ouverte HAL sont mentionnées ici, classées par catégorie. Accédez ICI à l’ensemble des publications déposées sur le serveur HAL.

Articles dans des revues avec comité de lecture (3)

  • Impact of a Langmuir probe on turbulence measurements in the Scrape-Off-Layer of tokamaks (2014)

    Auteur(s) : Colin Clothilde, Tamain Patrick, Ghendrih Philippe, Schwander Frederic, Serre Eric.
    Fiche détaillée
    An issue for Langmuir probe measurements of SOL turbulence concerns the impact of the probe itself on plasma transport. The aim of this paper is to investigate this issue with a synthetic reconstruction of Langmuir probe measurements by inserting a synthetic probe into a 2D fluid SOL turbulence (...)

  • Bonobos and orangutans, but not chimpanzees, flexibly plan for the future in a token-exchange task (2014)

    Auteur(s) : Bourjade Marie, Call Josep, Pelé Marie, Maumy-Bertrand Myriam, Dufour Valérie.
    Fiche détaillée
    Non-human animals, including great apes, have been suggested to share some of the skills for planning that humans commonly exhibit. A crucial difference between human and non-human planning may relate to the diversity of domains and needs in which this skill is expressed. Although great apes (...)

  • Increased levels of circulating microparticles are associated with increased procoagulant activity in patients with cutaneous malignant melanoma. (2014)

    Auteur(s) : Laresche Claire, Pelletier Fabien, Garnache-Ottou Francine, Lihoreau Thomas, Biichlé Sabeha, Mourey Guillaume, Saas Philippe, Humbert Philippe, Seilles Estelle, Aubin François.
    Fiche détaillée
    Microparticles (MPs) are known to be increased in various malignancies and are involved in tumor invasion, angiogenesis, coagulation, and metastasis. We investigated the plasma levels of annexin-V MPs (AV(+)MPs), platelet-derived MPs (PMPs), and endothelial-derived MPs (EMPs) in patients with (...)

Articles dans des revues sans comité de lecture (1)

  • Comparison of two Eulerian solvers for the four-dimensional Vlasov equation: Part I (2012)

    Auteur(s) : Crouseilles Nicolas, Gutnic Michaël, Latu Guillaume, Sonnendrücker Eric.
    Fiche détaillée
    -This paper presents two methods for solving the four-dimensional Vlasov equation on a grid of the phase space. The two methods are based on the semi-Lagrangian method which consists in computing the distribution function at each grid point by following the characteristic curve ending there. The (...)

Conférences invitées (1)

  • Conservative Semi-Lagrangian solvers on mapped meshes (2012)

    Auteur(s) : Mehrenberger Michel, Bergot Morgane, Grandgirard Virginie, Latu Guillaume, Sellama Hocine, Sonnendrücker Eric.
    Fiche détaillée
    -We are interested in the numerical solution of the collisionless kinetic or gyrokinetic equations of Vlasov type needed for example for many problems in plasma physics. Different numerical methods are classically used, the most used is the Particle In Cell method, but Eulerian and Semi- (...)

Communications avec actes (3)

  • Kernel estimation of extreme risk measures for all domains of attraction (2014)

    Auteur(s) : El Methni Jonathan, Girard Stephane, Gardes Laurent.
    Fiche détaillée
    Value-at-risk, Conditional Tail Expectation, Conditional Value-at-risk and Conditional Tail Variance are classical risk measures. In statistical terms, the Value-at-risk is the upper α-quantile of the loss distribution where α ∈ (0, 1) is the confidence level. Here, we focus on (...)
  • Resolution of the non-stationary or harmonic Maxwell equations by a discontinuous finite element method. application to an e.m.i. (electromagnetic impulse) case. (2014)

    Auteur(s) : Bourdel Françoise, Mazet Pierre-Alain, Helluy Philippe.
    Fiche détaillée
    We present a discontinuous Galerkin finite volume scheme for solving the 2D Maxwell equation. We apply it to an electromagnetic impulse case.
  • A well-balanced scheme for two-fluid flows in variable cross-section ducts (2014)

    Auteur(s) : Helluy Philippe, Jung Jonathan.
    Fiche détaillée
    We propose a finite volume scheme for computing two-fluid flows in variable cross-section ducts. Our scheme satisfies a well-balanced property. It is based on the VFRoe approach. The VFRoe variables are the Riemann invariants of the stationnary wave and the cross-section. In order to avoid (...)

Communications sans actes (3)

  • Estimation of the second order parameter for heavy-tailed distributions (2013)

    Auteur(s) : Deme El Hadji, Gardes Laurent, Girard Stephane.
    Fiche détaillée
    The extreme-value index is an important parameter in extreme-value theory since it controls the first order behavior of the distribution tail. Numerous estimators of this parameter have been proposed especially in the case of heavy-tailed distributions, which is the situation considered here. (...)
  • Domain decomposition for Full-Waves Simulation in Cold Plasma (2013)

    Auteur(s) : Hattori Takashi, Labrunie Simon, Roche Jean Rodolphe, Bertrand Pierre.
    Fiche détaillée
    The aim of this work is to develop a numerical method for the full-wave simulation of electromagnetic wave propagation in a plasma. The propagation and the absorption of lower hybrid (LH) electromagnetic waves is a powerful method to generate current in tokamaks by Landau wave particle (...)
  • Functional kernel estimators of conditional extreme quantiles (2013)

    Auteur(s) : Girard Stephane, Gardes Laurent.
    Fiche détaillée
    We address the estimation of conditional quantiles when the covariate is functional and when the order of the quantiles converges to one as the sample size increases. In a first time, we investigate to what extent these large conditional quantiles can still be estimated through a functional (...)

Ouvrages scientifiques (3)

  • La théorie des lignes parallèles de Johann Heinrich Lambert (2014)

    Auteur(s) : Papadopoulos Athanase, Théret Guillaume.
    Fiche détaillée
    The memoir "Theory of parallel lines" (1766) by Johannes Heinrich Lambert is one of the founding texts of hyperbolic geometry, even though his author conceived it as an attempt to show that this geometry does not exist. In fact, Lambert developed that theory with the hope of finding a (...)
  • Metric Spaces, Convexity and Nonpositive Curvature (Second edition) (2014)

    Auteur(s) : Papadopoulos Athanase.
    Fiche détaillée
    This is the second edition of a book which appeared in 2005. The new edition is an expanded and revised version. The book is about metric spaces of nonpositive curvature in the sense of Busemann, that is, metric spaces whose distance function is convex. We have also included a systematic (...)
  • Algberaic Operads (2013)

    Auteur(s) : Vallette Bruno, Loday Jean-Louis.
    Fiche détaillée
    This book is a monograph on algebraic operads. It contains three main parts on Koszul duality theory, algebraic operads and homotopical algebra respectively.

Chapîtres d'ouvrages scientifiques (3)

  • A commentary on Teichmüller's paper "Veränderliche Riemannsche Flächen" (2014)

    Auteur(s) : A'Campo-Neuen Annette, A'Campo Norbert, Papadopoulos Athanase, Ji Lizhen.
    Fiche détaillée
  • Introduction to Teichmüller theory, old and new, IV (2014)

    Auteur(s) : Papadopoulos Athanase.
    Fiche détaillée
  • Transcendence and Diophantine approximation (2014)

    Auteur(s) : Adamczewski Boris, Bugeaud Yann.
    Fiche détaillée

Directions d'ouvrages (6)

  • Handbook of Teichmüller theory, Vol. IV (2014)

    Auteur(s) : Papadopoulos Athanase.
    Fiche détaillée
  • Renormalization and Galois theories. Selected papers of the CIRM workshop, Luminy, France, March 2006 (2014)

    Auteur(s) : Connes Alain, Fauvet Frédéric, Ramis Jean-Pierre.
    Fiche détaillée
  • Handbook of Teichmüller theory, Volume III (2012)

    Auteur(s) : Papadopoulos Athanase.
    Fiche détaillée
    The subject of this handbook is Teichmüller theory in a wide sense, namely the theory of geometric structures on surfaces and their moduli spaces. This includes the study of vector bundles on these moduli spaces, the study of mapping class groups, the relation with 3-manifolds, the relation (...)
  • Handbook of Teichmüller theory, Volume II (2012)

    Auteur(s) : Papadopoulos Athanase.
    Fiche détaillée
    This multi-volume set deals with Teichmüller theory in the broadest sense, namely, as the study of moduli space of geometric structures on surfaces, with methods inspired or adapted from those of classical Teichmüller theory. The aim is to give a complete panorama of this generalized (...)
  • Handbook of Teichmüller theory, Volume I (2012)

    Auteur(s) : Papadopoulos Athanase.
    Fiche détaillée
    The Teichmüller space of a surface was introduced by O. Teichmüller in the 1930s. It is a basic tool in the study of Riemann's moduli space and of the mapping class group. These objects are fundamental in several fields of mathematics including algebraic geometry, number theory, topology, (...)
  • Strasbourg Master Class on Geometry (2012)

    Auteur(s) : Papadopoulos Athanase.
    Fiche détaillée
    The book contains surveys on geometry and topology, more specifically on hyperbolic geometry, three-manifold topology, representation theory of fundamental groups of surfaces and of three-manifolds, dynamics on the hyperbolic plane with applications to number theory, Riemann surfaces, (...)

Thèses (3)

  • Systèmes d'équations différentielles linéaires singulièrement perturbées et développements asymptotiques combinés (2014)

    Auteur(s) : Hulek Charlotte.
    Fiche détaillée
  • On the minimal number of periodic Reeb orbits on a contact manifold (2014)

    Auteur(s) : Gutt Jean.
    Fiche détaillée
  • Relation de congruence pour les variétés de Shimura associées aux groupes unitaires GU (n-1,1) (2014)

    Auteur(s) : Koskivirta Jean-Stefan.
    Fiche détaillée
    Blasius et Rogawski ont formulé une conjecture qui prévoit que l'action du Frobenius sur la cohomologie d'une variété de Shimura est annulée par un certain polynôme, à coefficients dans l'algèbre de Hecke. C'est l'analogue de la célèbre relation d'Eichler-Shimura pour la courbe (...)

Habilitations (3)

  • Problèmes de plongements en géométrie symplectique (2014)

    Auteur(s) : Opshtein Emmanuel.
    Fiche détaillée
  • Propriétés analytiques de l'espace des séries entières convergentes et dynamiques holomorphes glocales (2013)

    Auteur(s) : Teyssier Loïc.
    Fiche détaillée
    Ce mémoire étudie les dynamiques holomorphes glocales, celles qui sont l'expression (locale) dans un germe de carte d'une dynamique holomorphe (globale) sur une variété projective complexe. On y établit l'existence de germes de feuilletages holomorphes du plan complexe qui ne sont (...)/i>
  • Foncteurs polynomiaux et homologie stable à coefficients polynomiaux (2013)

    Auteur(s) : Vespa Christine.
    Fiche détaillée
    Dans les catégories de foncteurs entre catégories abéliennes, les foncteurs additifs jouent un rôle privilégié dans plusieurs domaines de l'algébre. Cependant il existe de nombreux foncteurs trés intéressants qui ne sont pas additifs. Par exemple, le produit tensoriel de groupes (...)/i>

Rapports de Recherche (3)

  • Improving conservation properties in a 5D gyrokinetic semi-Lagrangian code (2014)

    Auteur(s) : Latu Guillaume, Grandgirard Virginie, Abiteboul Jeremie, Crouseilles Nicolas, Dif-Pradalier Guilhem, Garbet Xavier, Ghendrih Philippe, Mehrenberger Michel, Sarazin Yanick, Sonnendrücker Eric.
    Fiche détaillée
    In gyrokinetic turbulent simulations, the knowledge of some stationary states can help reducing numerical artifacts. Considering long-term simulations, the qualities of the Vlasov solver and of the radial boundary conditions have an impact on the conservation properties. In order to improve (...)
  • A two-species hydrodynamic model of particles interacting through self-alignment (2014)

    Auteur(s) : Navoret Laurent.
    Fiche détaillée
    In this paper, we present a two-species Vicsek model, that describes alignment interactions of self-propelled particles which can either move or not. The model consists in two populations with distinct Vicsek dynamics that interact only via the passage of the particles from one population to (...)
  • Guiding center simulations on curvilinear grids (2013)

    Auteur(s) : Hamiaz Adnane, Mehrenberger Michel.
    Fiche détaillée
    We consider a guiding center simulation on curvilinear grids. The code uses a classical semi-Lagrangian scheme for the advection and a curvilinear Poisson solver developed by A. Back. We report here some numerical results

Documents sans référence de publication (3)

  • [hal-03872875] An Interactive Tool for Composing (with) Automorphisms in the Colored Cube Dance (2023)

    Auteur(s) : Alexandre Popoff.
    Fiche détaillée
  • [hal-03995213] U-statistics of local sample moments under weak dependence (2023)

    Auteur(s) : Herold G. Dehling.
    Fiche détaillée
    In this paper, we study the asymptotic distribution of some U-statistics whose entries are functions of empirical moments computed from non-overlapping consecutive blocks of an underlying weakly dependent process. The length of these blocks converges to infinity, and thus we consider (...)
  • [hal-03990880] Reducing the memory usage of Lattice-Boltzmann schemes with a DWT-based compression (2023)

    Auteur(s) : Clément Flint.
    Fiche détaillée
    This paper presents a new solution to address the challenge of increasing memory usage in high-performance computing simulations of Lattice-Bolzmann or Finite-Volume schemes. Our approach utilises a lossy compression scheme based on the Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) to achieve high (...)