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Accueil > Publications > Lectures in Mathematics & Theoretical Physics > Volume 09 : Differential Equations and Quantum Groups

Volume 09 : Differential Equations and Quantum Groups

Andrey A. Bolibrukh Memorial Volume

Editors : Daniel Bertrand, Benjamin Enriquez, Claude Mitschi, Claude Sabbah, Reinhard Schaefke.

ISBN 978-3-03719-020-3 - December 2006, 302 pages

This special volume is dedicated to the memory of Andrey A. Bolibrukh. It contains two expository articles devoted to some aspects of Bolibrukh’s work, followed by ten refereed research articles.

Topics cover complex linear and nonlinear differential equations and quantum groups : monodromy, Fuchsian linear systems, Riemann—Hilbert problem, differential Galois theory, differential algebraic groups, multisummability, isomonodromy, Painlevé equations, Schlesinger equations, integrable systems, KZ equations, complex reflection groups, root systems.

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