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Some historical facts    fr

The Institute of Mathematics of the University of Strasbourg was founded over a hundred years ago. Numerous eminent mathematicians held positions here, such as Heinrich Weber, Maurice Fréchet, André Weil, Henri Cartan, André Lichnérowicz, René Thom, Bernard Malgrange, Jean-Louis Koszul, Georges Reeb, Pierre Cartier, Claude Godbillon, Paul-André Meyer.

In 1965 Georges Reeb and Jean Frenkel with the help of Lelong and Leray created the "Rencontres entre Mathématiciens et Physiciens Théoriciens" which since have brought together many mathematicians theoretical physicists.

In 1966 Reeb and Frenkel also founded the Institute de Recherche mathématique Avancée (IRMA) as the first university laboratory associated to the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS).

Nowadays, IRMA belongs to Université Louis Pasteur ; its houses many weekly seminars and several conferences a year.

IRMA has been directed successively by :

- Jean Frenkel (1966)
- Georges Reeb (1967-1972)
- Claude Godbillon (1972-1976)
- Raymond Gérard (1977-1980)
- Jean-Pierre Ramis (1981-1984)
- Gérard Schiffmann (1985-1988)
- Claude Godbillon (1989-1990)
- Jean-Louis Loday (1991-1995)
- Patrick Foulon (1996-1999)
- Christian Kassel (2000-2004)
- Henri Carayol (2005-2008)
- Thomas Delzant (2009-2013)
- Yann Bugeaud (2013-)

The cooperative research in mathematics and theoretical physics on program RCP n°25, has been created in 1965 by Jean Frenkel and Georges Reeb with help of Jean Leray and Pierre Lelong.

These meetings are aimed at creating and strengthening bridges between active mathematicians and physicists in the areas of current strong development. The goal is to promote the recent advances in these disciplines and to make them accessible to wide circles of professional mathematicians and students of mathematics and physics.

The organizers have been, successively :

- François Norguet (1965-1968)
- Raymond Gérard (1968-1978)
- Jean-Pierre Ramis (1978-1985)
- Daniel Bennequin (1985-1993)
- Marc Rosso (1993-2000)
- Vladimir Turaev (2000-2008)
- Athanase Papadopoulos (2008-)

These meetings are now edited in the "Lectures in Mathematical & Theorerical Physics " series.

The library (french) has also a long history ...

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