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Accueil > Publications > Lectures in Mathematics & Theoretical Physics > Volume 02 : Locally compact quantum groups and groupoids

Volume 02 : Locally compact quantum groups and groupoids

Editor : Leonid Vainerman
2002. 17 x 24 cm. VIII, 247 pages. Paperback
Cloth € 36,95 [D] / sFr 59,-
USA, Canada, Mexico : Cloth US$ 36.95
ISBN 3-11-017690-4

Contains seven refereed research papers on locally compact quantum groups and groupoids by
leading experts in the respective fields. Topics covered are : various constructions of locally
compact quantum groups and their multiplicative unitaries ; duality theory for locally compact
quantum groups ; combinatorial quantization of flat connections associated with SL(2,C) ;
quantum groupoids, especially coming from Depth 2 Extensions of von Neumann algebras,
C∗-algebras and Rings. Many mathematical results are motivated by problems in theoretical
physics. Historical remarks set the results presented in perspektive.
Directed at research mathematicians and theoretical physicists as well as graduate students,
the volume will give an overviewof a field of research in which great progress has been achieved
in the last few years, with new ties to many other areas of mathematics and physics.

Contents :

- Leonid Vainerman : Introduction of the editor
- Michel Enock : Quantum groupoids and pseudomultiplicative
- Erik Koelink, Johan Kustermans : Quantum SU(1, 1) and its Pontryagin
- Peter Schauenburg : Morita base change in quantum groupoids
- Kornél Szlachányi : Galois actions by finite quantum groupoids
- Stefaan Vaes and Leonid Vainerman : On lowdimensional
locally compact quantum groups
- Jean-Michel Vallin : Multiplicative partial isometries and finite quantum groupoids
- Alfons Van Daele : Multiplier Hopf ∗-algebras with
positive integrals : A laboratory for locally compact quantum groups

Distributor : de Gruyter.

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