Program (tentative)

  • All the talks will take place in the Amphithéâtre Marguerite Perey in building 01 on the 4th floor, Campus Cronenbourg, see the map in Practical Info.
  • The program and the abstracts of all talks, as well as some additional useful information, can be found in our practical booklet (will be updated regularly).

Wednesday February 5

Time Speaker Title
11h30-12h00 Welcome (in the conference room)
12h00-14h00 Lunch
14h00-15h00 Clement Tauber Mini-course I: An overview on topological matter
15h00-15h15 Pause
15h15-16h00 Clement Tauber Mini-course II: An overview on topological matter
16h00-16h45 Nicolas Besset The charged Klein-Gordon equation in the exterior De Sitter-Reissner-Nordström spacetime
16h45-17h15 Coffee
17h15-18h15 Pierre Delplace Topological Aspects of Scattering Networks

Thursday February 6

Time Speaker Title
9h00-10h00 Thomas Ebbesen New Properties of Matter in the Strong Coupling Regime
10h00-10h30 Coffee
10h30-11h15 Duc Tho Nguyen Classical and semi-classical analysis of magnetic fields in two dimensions
11h15-12h00 Clement Tauber Topology of shallow-water waves
12h00-12h30 Presentation of a few journals and discussion around publishing policies
12h30-14h30 Lunch
14h30-15h30 Géraldine Haack Generating quantum correlations from thermal resources: entanglement engines
15h30-16h30 Svetlana Jitomirskaya Fractal properties of the Hofstadter’s butterfly and singular continuous spectrum of the critical almost Mathieu operator
19h30 Conference dinner

Friday February 7

Time Speaker Title
9h00-10h00 Denis Basko Superradiant quantum phase transition as a paramagnetic instability
10h00-10h30 Coffee
10h30-11h15 David Hagenmüller Shaping electronic properties with the electro- magnetic vacuum
11h15-12h00 Alix Deleporte Spin systems and Toeplitz quantization
12h00-14h00 Lunch
14h00-14h45 Benjamin Alvarez Scattering theory for mathematical models of the weak interaction
14h45-15h45 Clotilde Fermanian Kammerer Semiclassical analysis and numerical methods for quantum chemistry

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